Project Petals Youth Builders Program- Youth sign-up

Do you have an interest in exploring architecture, engineering, urban planning and design. Please click the link above, to sign-up for our first youth workshop.
  • Volunteer restoring park at Project Petals event

    Petal pusher

    Volunteer working on improving a local park

  • Clearing foot path at Railroad Park restoration event in Queens, NY

    Project Petals at work

    Volunteers widening the path for a safer commute.

  • Group photo of Project Petals volunteers in Queens, NY

    Project Petals in your neighborhood

    Founder and President Alicia White with Tiffany White and volunteers.

  • Supplies table at Railroad Park restoration event in Queens, NY

    Project Petals Planning

    Volunteers along with The Parks Department gearing up to revitalize Railroad Park.

More than 80 percent of the American population lives in cities and suburban areas, and this number will increase every year.

Project Petals is working to ensure that communities in low-income, under-resourced and minority areas are environmentally and economically sound.

Project Petals

More than 54 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Both rural and subsections of urban areas are economically disadvantaged and environmental vulnerable with little to no resources. Project Petals is working to bring awareness around these world issues.  


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